Coming to terms with working from home

Niamh Mulhall

As an apprentice during this global pandemic, you may have been asked to both learn and work from home. Being able to adapt to this new way of working is important as you may be asked to carry on working like this even after this crisis has ended. However, working from home can present huge challenges such as feeling isolated from colleagues, lacking self-motivation or struggling to manage your time - you may even have too much or too little work. 

There are lots of tips and tricks available online, remembering to look at the positives that this new opportunity presents is vital to getting your motivation back and being successful in both your role and in your apprenticeship. During this period your timetable may be more flexible - especially if you normally commute, so use that time wisely. You could focus on any additional training you’ve been meaning to complete or work on upcoming assessments. Hopefully, you’ll be saving money on trains or buses and even your lunch (we’re all guilty of buying the odd pret), this money all adds up and you may find a small sum left in your bank at the end of the month. Being at home with your loved ones is something we all often take for granted, whether it’s your parents or your pet, that quality time is critical to getting away from your computer and taking a break.

Whilst this won’t last forever, you may be asked to work from home once we resume normality and in your future career so having a good home setup and being resilient is always good practice.

Niamh Mulhall, Data and Insight Assistant, Pearson Plc
L6 Chartered Manager Degree Apprentice


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