Mental and physical well being is the key to resilience

Katie Fiddaman

Resilience is your ability to bounce back from difficult or challenging situations and learn from your experience; however, in the current climate, the ongoing tough situation makes resilience seem unachievable. 

Whether it’s in your academic, personal, or professional life, unprecedented challenges will arise often throughout the global pandemic, but it’s what measures we take to deal with these obstacles that shows resilience. For apprentices, elements of our lives are now blended into one. For key worker apprentices, the added professional life pressure might suppress other elements, destroying the work-life balance. 

The key to staying resilient as an apprentice at this time is having a structure to each day. Wake up as you would for work and do some exercise or mindfulness. Progress into the work day, and if it makes you feel better, wear your uniform or smart clothes, even if you are at home. Make sure to take your lunch break and take regular breaks throughout the day. You might have studies to focus on in the evening, but schedule in time to do so and balance this with virtual calls with friends or family to switch off from work and study. 

Structure and setting targets for yourself will help control your mental and physical state, making you more resilient; for example, changing your narrative to create positives out of negatives. If something happens, deal with the issue and move on, don’t let it ruin your day. 

Being resilient during this time is important; but remember, we are all in the same situation and there are plenty of other apprentices to talk to during this time.  

Katie Fiddaman, Content Marketing Executive, Pearson Plc
L6 Chartered Manager Degree Apprentice