Welcome to the Association of Apprentices

Apprenticeships are an incredible opportunity for individuals, employers, and the UK as a whole, to think creatively and be aspirational about skills and careers. The Association will support apprentices by connecting you to a network of peers, mentors, and social groups, as well as providing career boosting resources and events as you continue your journey beyond an apprenticeship. Together, the voice of apprentices will be amplified to call for meaningful change where it is needed. We will help you find your community, develop your career, and fulfil your incredible potential.

Joel Roach, Apprentice Council Chair

Apprenticeships are an amazing pathway to further your career with countless benefits. We believe no one should settle for a satisfactory apprenticeship experience. That’s why the Association is dedicated to offering guidance and community support on development, career progression and helping apprentices reach their full potential.  The Association will allow you to connect and share experiences with other passionate apprentices through networking, forums and social groups; this will continue with you after apprenticeship completion.  Developing yourself never stops and together we can build a community to help you progress in your apprenticeship and your career.

Jasmine King, Apprentice Council Vice Chair


Our Mission

We're here to support the UK's hugely talented community of almost one million apprentices be our best. We're not just for apprentices, our work is also led by apprentices.

We provide the social and broader elements often missing from apprenticeship programmes, with access to advice and guidance which supports life-long career development and a lifetime of professional networks.

The Association is your place to come together with apprentices past and present to support each other.